Monday, August 13, 2007

Top Right Wing Blogs

I've been asked to name my 50 favourite conservative blogs for Iain Dale. He gave me a long list of right-wing blogs and I added a few faves of my own such as Tuscan Tony. As I don't have time to review all of them, I whittled them down by removing blogs

1. That haven't entered my consciousness (if a Tory like me who has spent the last year on political blogs hasn't heard of it, you can't be marketing it very well)
2. Where comments are disallowed or where debate is rare
3. Where the site is inactive or rarely updated
4. Written by journalists/organisations or ghost writers.
5. I don't like

Here's the shortlist. You're all great.

A Very British Dude
Archbishop Cranmer
Bel is Thinking
Birmingham University CF
Burning our Money
Caroline Hunt
City Unslicker
Conservative Home
Contra Tory
Daily Referendum
David Gold
David Jones MP
Dizzy Thinks
Donal Blaney
Ellee Seymour
Esther McVey
Ghost of the Hitch
Glyn Davies
Guido Fawkes
Iain Dale
Islington Newmania
Istanbul Tory
James Cleverly
John Moorcraft
John Redwood MP
Laban Tall
Last Boy Scout
Looking for a Voice
Man in a Shed
Matt Wardman
Matthew Scott
Mr Eugenides
Nadine Dorries MP
Not Proud of Britain
Nourishing Obscurity
Phil Taylor
Pub Philosopher
Rachel Joyce
Reactionary Snob
Remittance Man
Roger Helmer MEP
Sam Tarran
Sinclair's Musings
Tapestry Talks
The Bristow Blog
Theo Spark
Thoughts from the Borders
Thunder Dragon
Tom Paine
Tory Heaven
Tory Radio
Tuscan Tony
UK Daily Pundit
Unenlightened Commentary
Waendel Journal
West Brom Blog

As an experiment in the impact of linking, please let me know in my comments if you visited here as a result of this link.

I'll only be online intermittently until about 20 August so don't expect instant replies to any comments.


Matt Wardman said...

Visited through link.

Matt Wardman

Matt Wardman said...

BTW I'd be interested to know how you found me originally. I'd guess at Iain Dale as he linked to me early.

Cheers. Matt

Cranmer said...

Bless you (via link).

You were once great too.


dizzy said...

Boing boing boing

*bounces out*

Tuscan Tony said...

This appeared on the "Blogs that link here" feature of technorati I have as a link on me blog.

Fanks for the cwedit!

Matthew Scott said...

cheers mate!

i get a notification of links from wordpress and it does work!

Caroline Hunt said...

Yup found through the link. Thank you sweetie x

CityUnslicker said...

I did vist due to the link. So this is where you are hiding!

thanks for the listing.

Croydonian said...

Aren't technorati, blog search etc marvellous?

Tony said...

My humble thanks, with a Hat Tip to Technorati for making me aware of the link.

Jackart said...

Yup... Couple of visits already!


Ellee Seymour said...

Belated thanks from me too.

Anonymous said...

Deeply honoured. Thank you.

You weren't so bad yourself.

John Moorcraft said...

Took me time, but the last horse crosses the finishing line! Cheers mate

Tom Paine said...

Actually, not the last horse at all...

Laban said...

"belated" is my middle name