Tuesday, October 9, 2007


What do you think of conspiracy theories? Me, not much. I want to get Crazy Paul from chess club on film, so that I can get his thoughts on the record. He's full of conspiracy theories particularly about 9/11. Problem is that many of them contradict each other - and when that happens, I always challenge him. It makes him look ridiculous and everybody laughs at him, but of course he brushes off the brickbats and soon finds another wild goose chase. Sad really.

But the best way to learn about conspiracy theories is when you find yourself accused of some misdeed out of the blue. And then, on the thinnest amount of evidence (or maybe none) adherents to the theory pop up. Here's a good example. If anyone has any information on what causes people to pathologise, that might be useful.

To say that I am not interested in IT is something of an under-statement. Along with cars, gadgets and most other things that boys are supposed to take an unhealthy interest in, I just don't care about how computers work. This is fairly well known, but would rather ruin the Political Penguin's line of thinking.

The ironic thing is that Political Penguin aka failed Labour council candidate Gareth Walker spends his time archiving my work. I'm sure that West Midlands Labour has a few members who don't have a screw loose. I'm yet to encounter them. Stalkers* - a political blogging hazard.

* - A rule of thumb is that the more you have the better the job you're doing!


RAW said...
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RAW said...

Gareth Williams seems like a right nutter. The old 'he tried to hack my site' routine is so dumb its so Labour. Not that I support any UK political party, in fact one reason why I left that country was partly due to the politics. I tried to leave a comment on his blog about this issue but he seems not to be open to the concepts of free speech and censored my comment. Typical New Labour for you.